Saturday, September 4, 2010

Grade 4 Jill

 Found a "yearbook" signed by my fourth grade classmates. We all had to write letters to one another and I found this one to be pretty hysterical:

Dear Jill,
Because you are my arch enemy (as all other girls under the age of thirty) and I can't write anything bad about you I'll have to write strong and annoying compliments. I very much enjoy the way you and your friends attempt to annoy me. It gives me something to do when I'm bored.
From, D

This one came from the boy my best friend and I had a crush on:

Dear Jill,
Hi! It's me John. You are good at sports and have good sportsmanship. You are good at type-to-learn, and know a lot of things. You have good handwriting. But you do make weird a's. Well all in all its been a great year,
John S.

The most recurring themes were my good sportsmanship (especially after I lost the Vice Presidential election  for student council for the following year--to a kid with horrid teeth!), my athletic prowess, my nice handwriting and that I can give good speeches. I loved 4th grade.

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