Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Childlike Travels Part 8

The last of the European Diary:

Day 18
Aug 7
8:23 P.M.

Today we went to the sisteen chapell, where Leanardo Davinch had painted the cealling this was so cool. but it's hard to look ["oo"s made into a face] up all the time we had little head setts to use.

Day 19
Aug 8
9:17 P.M.

Today we drove to Pisa (Leaning Tower) [Leaning Tower of Pisa drawn] for half an hour. Then we drove to Mr. Crones house. [Side note: Mr. Crone was our architect who had recently redone our home in Maryland. He had a house in Italy on the border of France that he so generously let us stay at.] We are going to stay in it for two 2 weeks. We are spending 3 weeks in Itaily. I got a shirt in frienze. It to awhile to get to Mr. Crones house. and there were lots of tunnels through Itaily. Lots and Lots of Mts are here. [Picture of mountains.] It's hard to belive!! In Itaily

Day 20
Aug 9
8:59 P.M.

Today we got to Mr. Crones house no it did not take us 1 one night to get here last nigh we staued in Frienze. We went exploring (Jack and me) We got as far as some steps, and then Jack said [and I still remember this moment in time] "Jill you stepped on a dead Mouse!!" [Exclamation face is an attempt at a dead mouse.] Jack began to run to the house I followed. (Because I wanted to get off that MOUSE!!

Day 21
Aug 10
9:46 P.M.

Today we went swimming in a river that was very cold!! We went back to have lunch. Then we came back to the river

That officially ends my journal. I guess the joys of Fanghetto (the town in Italy) were too great to continue my entries. I did try to add another entry when I was older but it isn't the same (I mostly talk about this annoying Dutch kid that we met and how Jack and I really didn't like him--hey you wouldn't like a kid that only sang "We are the champions" and "If you're happy and you know it click your tongue!!").

So that concludes my Childlike travels. Semi Swiss will be ending soon but the good news is I have a new blog! To be revealed later this week.

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