Saturday, September 4, 2010

Childlike Travels Part 7

Day 15
Aug 4
8:32 P.M.

Today we explored Roma we walked on the spanish Boring!! steps [with a drawing of steps over the word]. Why are they the spanish steps in Roma. Here in Roma. Here in Rome people say it's Roma. So when in Roma do as the Roman's right?

Day 16
Aug 5
9:19 P.M.

We are spending 4 days in Roma. Today we walked to the Vadigin Museum. I was in two cities at once. [Drawing of me in two cities at once--me in a circle of Roma encircling Vatican city.] The Vadigin is the biggest church int he WORLD. ["O" in world is a drawing of the earth.] bELVE ME there are alot of churches in the world. Theres a statuw made out of brones and people have worn one of his feet down from petting it for good luck!! [Smiley faces in the good and !! with a drawing of a foot.] So did I! After that we had sandwiches for lunch after that I got a balloon with dow and it broked popped and you couldn't mold his face into anything. I was doing and inprression of a old man with wrinkles and powder cam out not all of it. [Drawing of my stress ball/balloon toy.] We went into cassttel saint Angelo. And we took a taxi to dinner we didn't want to drive. They drive fast without seatbelts.

Day 17
Aug 6
10:10 P.M.

Today we went to Pompeii today on a train well two trains. I made a friend from Canada her name is Sarah Carpenter, she is 1 or, 2 years old then me. She was on the first train. When we got out to change the train a con-arrtist tried to get us!! He didn't, he said "Chillout I work here." We didn't belive him. We went to a McDonalds for lunch [inset my mother's disapproval here]. I know we also have a McDolands on the day in Roma and Paris. [in Paris it was with my parents' friends--my mother was horrified every time we had fast food, all three times!]

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