Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wedding Crashers

First: My parents come back today!!!! So very excited.

On another familial note; I went to the wedding of a good friend's cousin on Sunday. There were a number of things that were pretty entertaining about this wedding but I'll only give the highlights.

The ceremony: It was pretty run of the mill (not that I've been to a lot of weddings) but the pastor's "message" was a little out of the ordinary. I even asked our neighbors afterwards if that was usually how these things went. In short he said, "Well if you think you're in for a life of wedded bliss... you're wrong. Might not be tomorrow, or in five years or in 20 years or maybe 50 but one day you'll wake up and realize that the wife isn't as beautiful as you remembered. Or that this isn't the man you married." And then he went on to include a list of ailments that could and are likely to befall them throughout the duration of their marriage including but not limited to: disease, broken bones, natural disasters, ailing family members, a family member with a deadly diagnosis, "or perhaps it will be one of you who you has the bad diagnosis," or "the call that a family member was in a car accident, hit, mercilessly, by a drunk driver." (I kid you not he actually brought up drunk driving in a wedding ceremony.) At this time Luke and I were doing our best not to crack up, which, as you know only leads to more laughter. It was actually ridiculous.

After the ceremony I was in the receiving line to introduce myself to the bride and groom and offer my congratulations. I started chatting with a bridesmaid behind me and we got on the subject of au pairing abroad. I told her it would be much easier to get a higher paying babysitting job if she had a European passport which she said she did. I, being very envious of such a passport, asked her which country it was from. Her: "It's from America." Me: "No, you're European passport." Her: "America." Me: "You mean you have an American passport?" Her: "Aren't they all the same?" A college graduate ladies and gentlemen!

The very same bridesmaid asked if I was going to "boogie down" at the reception and I told her I would be. Then, she excitedly told me there was going to be a "candy bar." No bar bar, but a candy bar. I told her I was excited but left out that I was more excited for the open bar that Luke had prepared in the trunk of his car. Luckily Luke's family members that we were sitting with all imbibed in the adult beverages that we created so we all had a great time.

The wedding was a blast and I'm glad Luke brought me along (thanks!). And if anything, we treated it like an anthropological study of another super-religious-conservative culture.

Oh, and as most of you know I abhor PDA (public displays of affection). I am fairly certain that I am allergic to them. There's a wedding tradition (that I didn't know of until Sunday) where when people clank on their glasses the bride and groom are supposed to stand up and kiss. If I ever do get married and someone tries to do that at my wedding they will be asked to leave. (Kristen I'm warning you now.)


  1. ? Does your post still use Swiss time, just asking?-JC

  2. I think so, not sure how to change it! Guess I'll have to figure that out for Turkey too!