Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Sorry I've been so bad about writing since I've been home. I guess I just don't think about Semi-Swiss as much! I do love being home and seeing my family and friends. This weekend my mom and I are heading to Washington, D.C. to visit my grandma and our friends and family from when we lived there (and, of course, the Denisonians that are there too!). I'm definitely excited to be going back, it's been years since I've been there.

The first time I went to Europe I was nine years old and my family went for five weeks. That is a dream vacation for me now but five weeks [of summer vacation!] when you're that age isn't ideal. My art teacher at the time gave Jack and I bears to take with us to photograph in different locales as well as journals to write about the trip. I didn't make it through the whole trip but the stuff I have I love to read. It makes me crack up (especially the misspellings and drawings that go with the entries). I thought while I'm home I'll give excerpts from my first journey to Europe.

It starts off a little slow (with a lot of complaints--guess some things never change!) but soon I think you'll realize why we call ourselves the Griswalds. When I use the brackets its to describe a picture I have subsequently drawn.

Day 1
july 20
10:15 P.M.
Tower Air!! (with a smiley face using the .. from the exclamation points as eyes)

Horrible!! [Unhappy face on the !!] We have to fly to Boston, Mass. at night! I'm sitting next to my brother, Jack. I think he needs a psychiatrist!! BIG TIME!!!! He is giving me P.E.P. talks. Wierd. [Two of these.] Waiting is very hard, espeacily for three hours. It's not really fun waiting in an airplane it has been at least a half an hour. I'm still in Maryland, but it feels like I'm far away. Goodbye.

Day 2
july 21
12:15 A.M.
Tower Air.

Okay, okay, okay mabe it isn't really july 21 well it is, it's 12:15 A.M. I'm in Boston, Mass. To tell you the truth I miss everything. My friends, bed, and house, plus alot more.The plane is so cool!!! [Smiley face!!]

[Later that day]
I'm not DEAD YET! HORRAY!! [Smiley face!!] So to tell the truth I don't think the trip is that bad. We have a great viwe! Well at least my brother does, he gets the window on the longer trip there. I get to sit in the window sett on the way back!
The food is bad, your ears pop, it feels wierd, like a rollercoaster, but wores! (I like rollercoasters!) [My first foray into the world of parenthesis.] It also makes me feel dissy!, sick!, bad!, and alot more! I couldn't get to sleep. They were showing the movie "The Bird Cage", you had to buy (use) some headsets to hear the movei in case some people were sleeping (HARD TO BELIVE!) Now we are at Phil, and Martha's house (Spin and Marti! My parents call them that) The are nice, not to menchon we're in PARIS. [A in Paris is a drawing of the Eiffel Tower.] We walked arround alot yesterday and saw the tour of France (Bikers but the also go in Spain) We went over the oldest bridge in France, belive me there are alot of bridges in FRANCE! We have are owne Appartment.

So that's Day 1 and 2 of our five week Tour de Griswald. I swear I think my family modeled our trip as closely to theirs as possible. More soon!

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