Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Packing Problem

Did I not mention I was moving to Istanbul? Sorry! That's where the new job is located, or where I'll be located for the bit with the new job.

On a different note I am just about finished packing for home! (Yes I do leave tomorrow morning.) I just decided to weigh my bags and my first was just around 50 pounds. The second, being the one I thought I wouldn't even fill because most of my clothes fit in the first, came out to about 60 pounds. Damn. I've started taking things out to throw away (sad)--only a few more pounds to go! Where did all this crap come from??

Remind me, in a month when I'm packing again, that less is more. And even if you remind me, I'm sure I won't listen.

Also, since today is my last day here does that mean Semi-Swiss blog is over? I'm not sure if I should just keep this one going or start a new one altogether. I was going to start "Almost Australian" (come on, it's clever!) but now that's out. I'll be moving a bunch for my job so it's not all about Istanbul/Turkey. Any suggestions?

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