Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Childlike Travels Part 6

I will do a regular post later this evening (back to two in one day!) but for now:

Day 12
Aug 1--which is crossed out and it looks like my father's handwriting that says July 21 on top of it, I'm not surprised he corrected it!
8:13 P.M.

Today we drove to Venic, on a closed road! [True story, we were literally driving around boulders. But, on the bright side, my family knows what "street closed" in Italian is!] We finaly got there. We had to bet a water bus to our hotel. That was so cool. [Smiley face in cool. And a picture of our car approaching a boulder or maybe the water taxi?] We're here in Venice it's O.kay. [Drawing of some odd face.]

Day 13
Aug 2 [Crossed out and 1 written above]
9:48 P.M.

The reason why I'm writing so late is so that I can tell you what's hapend and not what's going to hapen. Today we went walking around today. Me and my brother "Jack" [love that I used quotes--as if that weren't his real name] feed pigins today, at St. Mark's Square. They came right on your hand! [Picture of a forearm and a pigeon.] When they came near my mom got scared and said "They are rats with wings." (She hates rats, and pigins [And still does!] After that we had a gondola ride that was nice. Then we all had dinner. [Messed up picture of a violin or dinner plate or gondola? Unsure.]

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