Saturday, August 28, 2010

Childlike Travels Part 5

Day 10
july 29
8:29 P.M.

We saw Mozart's house, nice. [Drawing of a man at a piano, sort of.] We went into a fortric, that was so big, we had to take the funicula, like Bunicula! [Drawing of Bunicula, which was a book we had to read in grade 3.] Up to the top. When we came back to rest went to dinner, had fun head some Motzart [I think I meant heard] in the same day! Two Motzarts! [Drawing of two pianos] LA! LA! LA!!!
I'm going to get my alowince in Americane Money. So we can spend it there! [Drawing of a dollar bill.] Money

Day 11
july 30
10:56 P.M.

We where in the salt mine we had to take a cable car up. [Arrow.] We had to wear white suits for the slide they were fun I had to wear blue pants for small people [Drawing of a person with the word "small" on top and an arrow pointing down.] They need a fashion desginer for those alfit big time! [A picture of a more suitable outfit I think.]

We went swimming

YEAH [Picture of Jack & I swimming.]

(In the Alpine Lake)

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