Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Childlike Travels Part 4

Day 8
july 27
10:00 P.M. [This was incredibly late for me at that age, we used to go to dinners so late that I would fall asleep at the table!]

WE DROVE! For 5 hours!
My family went to Louidwick's Castele. Over a brige, the first steel bridge in Europe. We drove some mor had dinner next to a nice little hotel. (I think?)

Day 9
july 28
9:19 P.M.

My dad's crestar card got stuck in the atm machine, when we wanted to get money, but we couldn't read the sing that said it was broken (it was in Germane) We went to the top of the highest mountain in Germaney. THE ZUCHSMITS That was COOL My mom freaked out. Wierd. [The picture follows because I just couldn't do it justice by describing it.]


  1. Future Mayor of Babetown, USA right there in that picture. Can't get enough of these stories. I love childhood diaries.

  2. Unbelievable, that your father put his card in that atm. Its not as if he can't read, write & speak German!-JC