Monday, August 23, 2010

Childlike Travels Part 3

Hi all! Back from a great, albeit short, weekend in D.C. Once I load my pictures up I will do a complete D.C. post, but until then:

Day 5
july 24
8:00 P.M.

Today we saw the Mona Lesa and the Winged Victory and all the other thing, paintins, sculpturs, and all the other stuff. After that we went to an amusement park we each got to go on 3 (three) rides. I went on the fares wheel, the giant swings, fun house, and th log flume. Well realy 4(four) rides, I went on the fares wheel with my famliy. (+Jack got scarer on the log flume!)

**Two things: I really like how I write a number and then in parenthesis spell it out, like future me wouldn't know what the number 3 looked like. And I also like how I focus more on the kiddie amusement park over the Louvre.

Day 6
july 25
9:05: P.M.

I had to rent-a-car to go every where, that my family is going. I'm at a hotel watching the 1996 Olyimpix [Olympic torch depiction] games. I wish I were in Maryland. I saw [a is an eye] the PLANES! PLANES! PLANES! [Each underlined three times, I have no idea what planes I was referring to.]

I'm posting a third entry and this might be my most favorite because it highlights my family's Griswaldian-ness with such childlike nonchalance:

Day 7
july 26
9:00 P.M.

Today I smashed my finger in the car, my mom forgot How to turn the car on. We had a picnic lunch. It was not THE BEST DAY! We had our room to the hotel, that was good. [Smiley face made out of the "oo"s in good.] It was called "Stien on Rhien", because it was next to the Rhien River. Me and my brother have been collecting rocks from the Rhien River. We tooured around it was FUN!! [Smiley face with lots of hair at the top of the !!]

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