Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Childlike Travels Part 2

Day 3
july 22
6:00 P.M.

We saw alot today, like the Eiffel Tower (we went to the top) it was a great view!! [Smiley !! and a drawing of an eye to dot the "i" in view], on a boat and saw where the Mona Lessa, I don't know how it's speeld, is kept in a boat where the Queens head was chopped off!! [This is an intricate drawing of eyes for the .. in the exclamation marks attached to a chopped off head and an axe] We saw a palles, we played with boats, listend to music in the garden of the palles we rode the motorbus and walked Around PARIS [Eiffel Tower "A" again] Went to a FLE MARKET There was a shirt I wanted it was a map of PARIS [Eiffel Tower "A"] it was 49 franks I did not get it I liked it. My brother got a shirt of the Eiffle Tower in PARIS [You guessed it] It was lite UP!! [The !! were pointing up with a smiley face on the bottom]

Day 4
july 23
8:15 P.M

Tonight we are going to see Empire Records [Phil & Marti took Jack and I out so our parents could enjoy a night sans kids. And thus my first entry into the world of secondhand embarrassment. Even at the tender age of nine I remember Liv Tyler embarrassing herself.] and have dinner. Today, I had my portret drawn by a very nice lady, she did a good job drawing it. She said "You pose well."
I have 20 ("twenty") metro tickets some were my parents but they were mostly mine. I am colecting all these tickets two from the Eiffle tower and more to come!! [Smiley face !! and a drawing of a ticket]

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  1. Sent your father a box yesterday. You may enjoy reading some of his old school papers(you won't find many spelling errors)but you will see what kind of student he was.-JC