Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Change Will Do You Good

People say living in Europe changes you.

Aside from a few speech changes (I say "holiday" instead of "vacation" and "university" instead of "college") my changes didn't come from living abroad (except I might be a better sprinter after public transportation), they came from my friends.

The friends I have made here have been nothing short of incredible. And I feel so very fortunate to have met them.

Here's what they have taught me/how I've changed:

Allison: To be open to people of all ages (happy birthday lady!) no matter what purse they carry. I owe so much of my initial happiness here to you.
Kate: You taught me that a little dose of well directed rage and standing dates do wonders for the soul. And that it's okay to have that rage sometimes.
Kristen: I learned that it's okay to love America. And that a cocktail is good no matter the hour-hello Oktoberfest! And that my blog really isn't so bad.
Pei Wen: How to laugh at my jokes and everyone's jokes. How laughter makes everyone feel better.
Danielle: That having fun going out is all about attitude. And to rally!
Chris: Taught me to be open to all people, especially when traveling. He taught me that everyone is worth getting to know and because of that we've met some amazing people.
Allie: Life isn't just black and white, there are shades of grey in every situation. And to be tenacious/persistent, you'll eventually get where you should be (woo RN!).
Nick: I learned that thinking before doing might not be so bad (like in Pictionary). Poison Sumac!
Sarah: Taught me that loving, healthy relationships can turn to marriage, even before you're 25. And that it's okay. Thank you for showing me normalcy!
Nickie: That it's okay to be an adult.
Adam: I learned that a little research, especially in regards to bars and/or music, goes a long way and lead to great discoveries.
Phil: Taught me that I'm pretty awesome (just kidding-ish). He made me realize how much I missed having boy-friends and showed me how much fun it can be. You, my dear, are a blast. Rugrats!
My Aussie friends in Crete (I will elaborate later!): Taught me to be more comfortable in my own skin, literally.
Switter/Kristina: I learned to hate Cruz Campo with you. And how to be loving/forgiving/awesome without giving up your wit, charm or self. (You are amazing!)

So to those of you I mentioned and those that I undoubtedly forgot and will have to add later, thank you. I'm a pretty lucky duck to have met you all.

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