Monday, July 19, 2010

With a Vision of a Gentle Coast

Ahh, Mykonos. My first real stop on my tour de Greece (and a very long blog post, sorry!).

After navigating my way to the Athens port I hopped a ferry to Mykonos. I met a fellow American on the way who had just been working in Zürich for the past two years and we passed the time playing gin rummy. Once docked I found the shuttle to my hostel, once aboard it would seem that everyone was already paired off. Not a good sign when you're traveling alone. Once there I dropped my stuff in my room and headed to the bar (hey, it was vacation). I grabbed my beer, turned around and these two French Canadians said, "You traveling alone? Come sit with us!" I passed the evening with those two and two other French girls.

The next morning I was up bright and early and ready for the beach. As I walked down I managed to fall in step with this Greek guy. It was one of those mornings where I just wanted to be on the beach, alone and I willed him not to say anything, which of course prompted his "Where do you come from?" query. We walked down the length of the beach when I saw a woman topless. And bottomless. Holy crap, we were on the nude beach part. I was horrified to think that maybe he was going to get nude, or worse, expect me to! I tried to continue hiking but he said there weren't any other beaches. Being the kindly pushover I am I put my towel a few feet from him, which he took as an invitation to keep talking to me. When he left to go to work he asked if he could come back tonight and we could go out. I said I was going out here probably and he asked for my number. The easiest way to deal with this was to give him a fake one. But then he called me and said I must have put it in incorrectly. So as the kindly pushover I entered it correctly (which he called to verify again). Later in the afternoon he sent me a SMS:

You are so beautiful and sweet girl, im call you 11-12 p.m im coming there on paraga ok?
No reply.
Hey what it's you doing,you want to come to nicht or no, please send one messege :-*
No reply.
:-(:-(;-(;-( we are you?
No reply.

Later I was watching the World Cup with some people at my hostel and he called not once, not twice but six times. Then he called from an unknown number which I thought might be my friend Chris who was supposed to get to Mykonos at some point that night but his phone was dying so I thought he might be calling from somewhere else so I answered and heard the, "Gilllllee?" Quickly hung up and he called back. One of the Australian guys I was with was so fed up with it he answered and told the guy that he had the wrong number and that this wasn't Jill's phone. That ended my Greek romance.

I went out in the town and surrounding beach bars that night and didn't make it home until the morning (think roosters crowing and sunrise) so I was pretty pleased with myself when I got up around 10. As I was walking I heard a deep voiced, "Good morning!" and looked up to see my friend Chris strolling out of his room. Chris made it the night before and I guess spent the evening searching the hostel for me because all day people kept coming up to him and saying, "You found your friend! He was looking everywhere for you." We spent the day around the beaches, made friends with a rasta named Troy and went out in Mykonos that night. The next day we went with some South American friends to a different part of the island and then explored the town of Mykonos. That night we went out again (Mykonos was a party place) and my Australian/Canadian friends invited me to tag along to Ios (the most notorious party island) where they were headed early the next morning. Well a box of wine and a very late night made me miss that ferry so I went along with my original plans and headed to Santorini (who's real name is Thìra). But more on Santorini tomorrow!

Some photos of my days in Mykonos:

Sightseeing in Mykonos

Trying to match my tan from Barcelona last year

Not a bad view for 12 Euros a night.

In summary, Mykonos was beautiful, crazy and of course, loads of fun.

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