Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wardrobe Malfunction

In case you didn't know this about me: I love Denison University. Despite being a year removed from my university on a hill I still remember my Denison days with happiness and some longing. Though I don't often like to speak disparagingly about my school Denison failed to prepare me for a few things in life. Sure, I'll learn how to pay rent (some day), or pay a bill (I did, however, learn to pay a credit card bill) or maybe even have a functioning adult relationship, but there's one thing Denison failed to teach me that I don't think I'll ever learn:

How to get dressed to "go out."

Sure, I go out all the time. And, all the time, I am dressed. But, I've noticed that I don't dress like a lot of people when they go out. (This excludes my Denison friends, home friends and Switzerland-based friends, perhaps that's why we're friends!) Not to generalize (but to generalize) a lot of females, when they go out, are a lot more scantily clad. Nowhere was this more apparently than Greece. After a hard day at the beach I'd go shower and change into something to wear out. Upon rejoining the group I'd feel over-dressed, in the literal sense of wearing too much clothing. Girls were wearing denim boostier-corset tops, heavy makeup and heels and I well, wasn't.

See at Denison my wardrobe wasn't an issue, most people wore the same sort of things out: in the unusually warm fall and spring we'd wear a J.Crew "going out" top (usually of the silk variety) and shorts or a dress. In the winter we'd wear a dress with tights or jeans and a winter-y "going out" top. But, I've come to realize, that our "going out" tops are vastly different than a lot of other people's. I guess it never crossed my mind that this wasn't how people went out at other schools and it is one more reason why I love Denison. I'm not saying that we were all clones of one another (nor that the other ways of dress are wrong!) it was just nice not to have to worry about.

My freshman year of college for Thanksgiving my family went down to visit Jack at school in Florida. Now I got there a couple days before my parents and one of the first nights there we were heading to a party. I got dressed (J.Crew white t-shirt and green skirt) and his roommate (future girlfriend, now former girlfriend--woo!) said, "Don't you want to wear a top that shows your midriff?" This was, mind you, before the freshman fifteen had comfortably settled around my midriff. I replied without even thinking or hesitation, much to Jack's enjoyment, "I'm not that kind of a girl."

And I never will be.


  1. If you watched more T.V. Shows like, the Jersey Shore (one of my favorites) you could pick up fashion tips from JWoww or Snooki, then you would know how to dress.-JC

  2. and remember G.T.L.-JC