Sunday, July 18, 2010

Time to Go

I'm back and I promise to write about my awesomely amazing holiday very soon, but first a little story about my return to Switzerland:

Switzerland is making itself increasingly easy to leave.

Having just arrived home from a wonderful two week Grecian holiday I was assaulted with 16 degree (60.8 F) cloudy weather. Next my "half tax" (the card that makes trains half the price) expired yesterday so I had to pay double to get back to the house--the train checkers never even looked at my ticket either. Finally when I walked in there was a 120 CHF speeding ticket waiting for me on the counter. Now I might not be the world's best parker but I am a good driver. Often Boy and Girl tell me to go faster because I'm going too slow for their liking. I have never had a ticket before and this year I've had a parking ticket and now a speeding ticket. The best part about it though was the speed infraction. Some video camera apparently clocked me going 53 in a 50. (This is kilometers per hour too bringing my speed to an outrageous 32.9 miles per hour.)

At least we are in agreement about one thing: It is time for me to go!

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