Tuesday, July 20, 2010


The Santorini post will come later, I just had to share this about Boy & Girl.

Girl has started to lose her baby teeth, before the holiday she had a tooth so wiggly that it could stick straight out of her mouth (ask Kristina, it was revolting). When I saw her on Sunday night I saw that she had lost the other front tooth as well. She is missing her two front teeth and because of this she kind of speaks with a lisp now. It is really funny and cute, plus I'm really happy I don't have to bear witness to more wiggly front teeth.

Now as you may know I am pretty obsessed with the state of my teeth. Now my teeth aren't perfect but after years spent looking like a creature from the underworld (with my metal mouth) I'm not going to try and ruin all that work, time and not to mention money. (Thanks mom & dad!) Although many of my previously brace-faced peers have stopped wearing their retainers (what they give you after you get your braces off to maintain that nice smile) I still wear it to bed. Yes, you read that correctly, I still wear my retainers. My retainers aren't the metallic kind but the clear plastic kind so it is a little less embarrassing, but not by much. Now the bathroom situation at The House isn't ideal. Since I usually come home after The Family has gone to bed I don't like to go upstairs next to their rooms to brush my teeth so I started to use the first floor bathroom. The Mother even got me a box to leave my stuff in so I don't have to bring it back and forth (much like a college kid in a dorm bathroom).

Now you might wonder what this has to do with Boy? Well, this morning in my rush I left my retainer box on top of the box where my toothbrush is. He was in the first floor bathroom and since he never shuts the bathroom door I heard the sound of a match being lit (I took to leaving matches in the bathroom as per Uncle Joe's advice after I ran into the "issue" with The Father). I said, "Boy, what are you doing in there?" The answer? "Nothing!" As an au pair you learn that nothing is never nothing so I pushed the door open and he was LIGHTING MY RETAINERS ON FIRE. I kid you not. I grabbed his hand and shook the match into the sink but I was pretty astonished, I mean, a retainer? I asked him what my retainers ever did to him that deserved such treatment/why he did it and he gave a George Mallory-esque reply, "Because it was there."

I think I'll keep my beloved retainers in my room until The Kids leave Friday.

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  1. See what happens when you take my advice (nothing good) if I offer any future advice, you may want to get a second opinion.-JC