Friday, July 2, 2010

One Year

In the last year I have:

-Improved my French.

-Been pushed to and past my limits of servitude, patience and senility.

-Learned how to iron.

-Made a bunch of new friends.

-Traveled to 10 countries, five of them new and a new continent! A new one on Monday!

-Had a drink in every country.

-Saved no money, sorry M&D.

-Written 223 blog post (now 234).

-Had 10,006 people view my blog. (THANK YOU! Special thanks to my family who probably accounts for 9,045 of those views.)

-Enjoyed myself tremendously.

But, perhaps, most importantly (my Super Great News):
-I got a job. A real person job. But no cubes are involved and it is in Europe. (Meaning Australia is on hold for the moment.)

A pretty great year I'd say. And now, a great weekend with some fabulous friends at Züri-fest and Greece on Monday!!

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  1. Happy Anniversery, congrats on the job, can't wait to read more about it.-JC