Friday, July 2, 2010

One Year Ago

Pretend this was from yesterday.

One year ago, yesterday (July 1, 2009) I left Minnesota to move here. I could wax poetic on how I was crying at the MSP-International Airport (whilst simultaneously taking out 40 extra pounds from my suitcases) about how I might not see my mom again which proved to be untrue, I saw her at Christmas, but I'll spare you, until tomorrow.

Here's a story totally unrelated to that:

Yesterday Boy, Girl and I had the iPod on and a Lily Allen "Glee" cover came on. Boy asked why we weren't listen to the real song and I said it was because there was a bad word. My mistake. This led to Boy taking the iPod and running to another place in the house, finding said Lily Allen song and playing it. The bad word (the f one, if you must know) came on and I held my breath.

Boy said nothing and Girl said, "It's fucking!"

Now Girl is a 34 pound, blonde haired, blue eyed six year old so I couldn't help myself from laughing. I was cracking up and trying to tell them that that was a bad word and say not to use it when Boy said, "What? I heard Kristina say it at the pool the other day!" (True, but that was funny. And Kristina's "mother" swears in English in front of her children all the time, I think it just took her off guard that my kids' first language is English.) I could not stop laughing for a good five minutes, and then told them that Kristina got "in trouble" for saying it too.

Man kids, and au pairs, say the darndest things.

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