Saturday, July 31, 2010

Might as Well Jump!

Sorry I've been so absent, on Thursday I meant to write about how few days I had left in Zürich--I can't believe it is less than a week!

I've been thoroughly enjoying my last days here and today was (and will continue to be) awesome. Last night some friends were going to a going away party (not for me but I'll tag along!) in a farmhouse which was pretty sweet. Today we met up, swam in the lake and jumped off this high dive at a local bädi. A couple weekends ago the guys had jumped off this bridge (which they guesstimated to be around 35 feet!) and I wanted to be a part of that. While we were en route to the bridge (and I was en route to a panic attack) we saw people jumping off of this platform that had been set up a month ago for Züri-fest. The guys, of course, wanted to jump off. They asked a jumper if just anyone could jump and he said yes. Well, I couldn't not jump if they were jumping.

So we dropped our stuff (I think it is going to be a hard transition from a country where you can leave your purse/clothes/everything next to a park bench and not worry about it to a country where, well you just can't) and jumped into the water. Getting onto the smaller platform was fine, and even then the high platform didn't look that high. Then, a little kid climbed up and jumped making me feel bad about myself. Phil went up the ladder and then I decided it was now or never. Let me tell you, that stupid ladder was the scariest part! It was terrifying climbing up there and I told the guys, "I can't believe I have friends that would make me do this!!!" whilst simultaneously thinking "I'm going to DIE up there!" On the platform I was fine, heights don't bother me, apparently just ladders.

The view from the top was spectacular though (wish I had a camera!). It was a clear day so you could see out over Zürich and see the mountains in the distance--amazing, until you realized what came next. Once the four of us were up on the platform I decided I had to go first. I felt as if I would back out if I didn't (although there was NO way I was going down that ladder!). So after a round of high-fives, some jumpy hesitation and Adam starting a slow clap for the crowd (did I mention there was a crowd? It was at one of the busiest tram stops in the city and there was a bridge next to it where a semi-sizable crowd had gathered) I jumped.

It was a LONG way down. I hit the water and was happy to be alive but then a little unhappy because my bathing suit had seriously wedgied me. I thought, quite literally, that I was going to have to wear this swimsuit for the rest of my life because there was NO way that thing was coming out. (It's okay now, fyi.) The guys jumped and we all survived. Of course, they wanted to do it again. And of course, I wanted to too. The climb was no less terrifying exacerbated by the fact that I now knew how high we were. Adam asked the lifeguard how high it was and he said 10 meters (if you're not metric thats 32 feet). Holy mother of pearl that's high! I jumped first again (still worried I might chicken out) and the landing was much better. It was pretty incredible.

I'm still jumpy from the adrenaline rush. Thirty-two feet/10 meters! Holy moley my time in Switzerland just might be complete.

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