Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Said Who Am I to Blow Against the Wind?

After the little retainer incident Boy was much better. In the afternoon he wanted to play a card game that he learned over his holiday. Jack and I used to play this with our grandparents (because it was called, "Oh, hell!" and we thought it was awesome that they let us swear for a game) but I needed a little refresher on how to play. As I was looking up the rules online (Boy isn't very good at explaining things) he was perusing the Best Present Ever--the calendar that Howie gave me last year before I came of our greatest pictures. He came across one [of many] photos of me holding a beer. He asked, "Is that a beer?" I figured it was useless to lie so I said it was. He said, "I've never even seen you with a beer before!"

Oh Boy, you are the reason for most of my beer consumption this past year!

Another great quote (that has nothing to do with beer):
When I was picking up Boy and Girl from tennis camp yesterday I ran into Boy's Best Friend's father. He said, "You look different. Is it your hair? Or you changed the color of your skin!"

Tan mission complete.

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