Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

I am nearly a week away from my departure from Switzerland. It really is amazing how time flies!

I have thoroughly been enjoying my time off. I had forgotten how nice the early evening is, no pressure to go home and make sure children are bathed/fed/finished with homework. It is a wonderful change of pace!

I promise to finish my Greece adventures (hopefully today?) but now I am off to see: TB and TMoTB!!! They have just returned from their holiday (our weeks of vacation didn't coincide with one another's) and I am really excited to see both of them.

Yesterday when I was talking to TMoTB I said, "I wonder if TB will remember me!" And TMoTB said, "It will be a test to see how smart she really is."

Still love TMoTB.


  1. haha so much pressure on the intelligence of a baby.
    i still remember you jill. does that make really smart!?!

  2. You forgot the me! Silly! How's university? We need to catch up soon!