Saturday, July 24, 2010

Getting to Know You

Warning: If you hadn't thought me an ungrateful brat deserving of public scorn this post is sure to turn your opinion. Just thought I'd warn you.

Thursday The Family wanted to take me to dinner to thank me and celebrate my year working for them, which was very nice. That afternoon Girl was making me a thank you gift (a cute candle holder) when Boy brought up my "real gift." Now since she is six Girl isn't the best at keeping secrets and said, "No Mummy is getting Jill that necklace."

Here's the thing, I know I should have felt grateful that they were giving me a necklace (and I do realize that it was very kind to get me a gift at all) it's just it reinforced how little they know and/or notice about me.

For my 22 birthday my parents gave me a necklace of my mother's that I had been coveting for a while and I've worn it every day since then. It's a small gold chain with a tiny little diamond affixed in the middle. It's not gaudy or tacky and I absolutely love it. I actually don't think I've taken it off during my Swiss tenure. I sometimes rotate my earrings (between three pairs) and I rarely wear any other pieces of jewelry so, it just seemed odd [to me] that they would give me a necklace.

At dinner that night I gave Boy and Girl "Oh the Places You'll Go" (I had wanted to give them a Shel Silverstein book but alas, they don't sell "Where the Sidewalk Ends" in Switzerland) with some pictures of us, as well as pictures to The Parents of Boy & Girl. Despite my being really, really poor when I can, I like to give thoughtful and/or meaningful gifts. They gave me a sweet card and then the necklace. Perhaps you might recall my birthday present (charm bracelet thingy), well it was from the same guy, Thomas Sabo, and it was a chunky-ish silver charm necklace with a big silver "J" and a pink glass/crystal heart. I smiled, thanked them profusely and even put it on but all I could think was, "That is just not me." When I showed it to my mom later she said, "That is something you would have worn when you were younger." And it is, when I was in my chunky silver Tiffany&Co. phase I would have loved it. I don't mean to sound like a brat but all I could think was, "Really?" Now The Mother has excellent taste (she is French afterall) so I was confused as to why this said, "Jill!" on it.

Boy told me a month or so ago that before my birthday they were thinking of getting me portable iPod speakers but deemed them "too cheap." That would have been a perfect gift.

I was entertaining the thought that maybe, like my dad, I'm just a hard person to buy a gift for. Then, the weekend before my last week with TB I babysat for TB and TBoTB. When I arrived TMoTB gave me a thank you gift. It was a beautiful Longchamp (the purses that I carry everyday). She said she had noticed I didn't have this make or color and I absolutely loved it. It was a perfect and extremely thoughtful gift.

Okay I'll stop complaining about people giving me presents now. Sorry about that.


  1. Some things are just ment for regifting.-JC

  2. Haha you are so right Uncle Joe! Good thing I've got a lot of family members with the initial J!!!