Thursday, June 17, 2010

Want to Make a Party?

Today was a sad day for two reasons: It was the last day of school for Boy and Girl (insert my screams of "NO!!" here) and it was my last day with TB and TMoTB.

Since summer vacation (anguished cry) is starting I'll be spending a lot more time with Boy and Girl and will no longer have time with TB. TMoTB and I have planned to hang poolside but it's not regularly scheduled. I'm sad to not see TMoTB.

TB and I went on our last outing to Zürich this morning because Kristina and her baby (whom she calls "Little Bean" on her blog but who I will refer to as "Beanie Baby") were in town running an errand. One of my favorite German translated verbs it the verb "to make." In English we say, "Will you take a photo?" or "Do you want to have a party?" but when a native German speaker asks they say, "Shall we make a photo?" or "Do you want to make a party?" Naturally everytime we can use this we do, so we decided to "Make a baby party." We met up at a Starbucks with big plans for our babies to be best of friends. Although TB was ready for immediate friendship (after the requisite dirty looks to Kristina) Beanie Baby was not as enthused. She kept stating her ownership of "Dia" when TB was coming towards her (okay so Kristina and I were pushing them together in order to spark the best friendship we knew was imminent--it mostly led to us cracking up). Watching TB I realized how similar our friend-garnering styles are: we both just sort of attach ourselves to the potential friend and hang on until they shake us off or submit. Beanie Baby was not having it and our dreams of their friendship were nothing but a memory.

On the way home I received a text from Kristina that said, "[Beanie Baby] just stole a cracker from someone and is barking at a dog. She is my child." It's good to know that she is rubbing off on her baby too.

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  1. whyyy was I not invited to witness this?? are you dis-owning me as a friend? i will miss TB.