Friday, June 11, 2010

Time Takes Time You Know

Of all the homes I've been to during my stay here there has been on recurring theme in each house: an abundance (to the point where it is borderline hoarding) of toys. Regardless of nationality, age of children or even number of children, these houses are packed to the gills with toys (and I realize the irony coming from a girl who doesn't like to get rid of her stuff, but even to me this is ridiculous). My kids have so many toys and yet they are happiest with a balloon or a piece of paper. The dad that my friend Allie used to work for, who has since switched employers, bought a new toy for his kids every time he had to spend time with them because he didn't know what else to do. It's like so many of these parents with au pairs would rather throw toys at their children then spend actual time with them.

Now I'm not saying Jack and I didn't have an overabundance of toys (I was lucky enough to even have two Ariel Barbies) but more than that I remember are all the time I got to spend with my parents. The most vivid memories are not of new toys (but a few at Toys-R-Us with an exasperated father because I couldn't decide between a Barbie and a Polly Pocket) but of the times I spent with my family; playing baseball (with "ghost runners") in our backyard, "Dr. Poppa" telling us he was going to "have to operate" anytime we were injured (which resulted in our injury feeling much, much better), my dad pouring Jack & I waaay too much cereal for Saturday morning cartoons, swimming with my mom at the Y (her telling me to swim to her whilst she kept taking steps back), always carving pumpkins and dying Easter eggs with my dad, going to Choiristers and Kids Corral (insert Molly snort) in the neighborhood, my dad getting me dressed for church by lifting me up by my tights, my mom singing to me in the white wicker rocking chair. A lot of these things I do now with my kids (the yard is so small my ghost runner always makes it home). Although I'm sure their memories of me will fade with age I can't help but wonder what memories they'll have of their parents.

I was researching this company the other day and and came across an interesting quote that piqued my interest on this whole subject. It said, "How does a child spell love?"


(Not t-o-y-s.)

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  1. i could have swore cushing's invented 'ghost runners'. it must have spread east quickly.

    bonus points for the ben folds lyric as the title!