Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thank You Jack

Yes you, Jack.

My friend Jack posted this link to my Facebook today (which he received from his sister) because he thought I could use some good 'ol USA celebrating. It is awesome, and I watched nearly every video, the result being that my kids keep chanting "USA! USA!" which is pretty great.

And I am pretty sure that I equaled the level of noise in my house alone.

After I snagged the few minutes that the BBC spent analyzing our game so I could fully enjoy the non-language barrier-ed commentary. The best line came from Gary Lineker who said at the end of the 91st minute goal to win it, "Well if that doesn't make Americans football fans, nothing will."

Thanks again for the link Jack! It was nice to celebrate, albeit digitally, with my countrymen. And, I look forward to doing it again on Saturday. I'll be the one in the face paint.

1 comment:

  1. you are very welcome...i love that the kids got into it! way to take get them on the good side.

    i've gotta share one more (i can't contain my excitement), watch this before you go out for the game on saturday...

    goooo usa!!