Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oh Weißbeer

For those of you who got to read last night's post about my little altercation with the police (believe it) I apologize and have since come down from my high horse/soapbox. After imbibing in a few weißbeers (my favorite) and some Feldschlossen I was, well actually a little equation might explain it best:

feeling very patriotic towards the US (competition plus nearing my favorite holiday, July 4)+
listening to a bunch of positive America songs (a lot of The Boss)+
3 weißbeers (and a couple other regulars)+
the previous blog post about race relations+
a crowded street in Zürich where everyone is celebrating Switzerland's win over Spain (and incredible upset I admit)+
the police driving by at the same time


I got my permit checked (haha!) and a stern talking to (I also gave them a stern talking to, but I think the language barrier prevented me from getting in more trouble). Sorry Mom & Dad, I promise it won't happen again.

Oh, but there was a silver lining to the whole situation. I had forgotten my coat at the bar and when the officer was patting me down and going through my stuff I realized that I had left it. So, if I hadn't made a fool out of myself I would have lost my black North Face forever. (Thank you Adam for retrieving my coat whilst I was being quarantined.) It all worked out. And I promise to be well behaved on further outings (or else I'm going to have to be put on one of those kid leashes).

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