Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Number of Parents in the house: 0 (The Father is sailing his boat and The Mother is on a business trip for the night)
Number of Children in the house: 2
Au Pairs: 1
Time they were supposed to go to bed: 8 (because I'm in charge and they were too tired this morning)
Time they actually fell asleep because The Mother called and got them all riled up: 8:45
Time I went to bed because now I know how to use the T.V. I had to stay up and watch "I'm turning into a giant": 12:52
Time I was awoken by a crying child in my doorway: 3:59
Time I put her back to bed Numero Uno: 4:15
Time she came back: 4:18
Time I put her back to bed zwei: 4:30
Time I went back up because I could hear her walking around: 4:35
Time I wanted to shout and run out of the house: Tonight or is this a collective thing?
Time I put her back in her bed trois: 4:36
Time I gave her "sleep medicine" (water) and wished it were NyQuil: 4:37
Time I was so exasperated I told her she just had to stay in bed, close her eyes and be quiet: 4:40
Time she finally fell asleep: 5:00
Hours I can nap tomorrow: 0 (I volunteered to take TB b/c TMoTB has a meeting two hours away and it's a long time for TB to hang in the car.)
At 5:40 am my current level of sleepiness is: Nonexistent
Current patience level: -2.9
Number of remaining days where there is the potential for a child to wake me up: 63

Hoping to get back to sleep so I can wake up at: 7:15

Goodnight or good morning--whenever you happen to read this!

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