Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More of the Same Sentiments

Whilst I'm still annoyed/angry with The Mother let me tell you two not-so-funny but a little ironic stories.

Yesterday she was supposed to be there after school for the kids. I was at home however (doing some much needed room cleansing) and when the doorbell rang at 3:45 I let them in. The Mother came home a whole ten minutes late. I wish I were petty enough to tell The Father. I am, however, petty enough to blog about it!

Also last Tuesday she sent me a text saying that The Cleaning Lady (who is my newest Facebook friend--don't worry unable to read English or find my blog on my profile) would not be able to make it. Wednesday evening when The Mother returned she mentioned that she really hoped TCL could come Friday. I asked if TCL was sick and she said, "No, some one died in her family. But, from what I understand, they weren't all that close. And anyway he was in Portugal. It's just her family here was getting together. I really hope she can come Friday." I stood there with my mouth ajar and said nothing.

Friday when I saw TCL I voiced my condolences and with tears (literally) in her eyes she told me that it had been her uncle who had passed away and that he was her God-father and used to take her to school in Portugal. I told TCL how sad and sorry I was for her and was inwardly grateful that I didn't tell The Mother about my uncle Kenny (or, heaven forbid! asked to have gone to the funeral--which I am still so sad to have missed). I guess I was just shocked by her harshness towards the loss of some one else. (Note: I didn't tell The Family about my uncle because I didn't want to "inconvenience" them--inconvenience them with my family's loss. That is just messed up.)

Okay, okay, okay. That's it. I will try really, really hard (no promises) to stop whining/complaining about The Family (and The Mother in particular). Positive attitude readjustment here I come.

Oh and for all of you who probably [don't] care: The next spawn (The New Baby) is a girl.

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  1. You know, it's hard it imagine how you will come to miss this family. But you will. Just be thankful the mother has given you a lifetime of stories to tell, not to mention, how boring would your blog would be without her.-JC