Sunday, June 13, 2010

U-S-A! U-S-A!

Last night it was the England vs. USA World Cup (Soccer/Football) match. I had to babysit TB and TBoTB but I figured, since TB and TBoTB are half American that we could cheer along our fellow countrymen. When I arrived TFoTB said he had a work conference call at nine (the first, he said, in twenty years of working) so he would go to their party after the call. TBoTB, TFoTB and I had a lovely dinner (TB wasn't really an active participant in our dinner conversation) which started out with a discussion of the evening's upcoming match. TBoTB was talking about how the U.S. was going to lose and how he was probably going to cheer for England. TFoTB and I both started in on how one should root for the underdog and then suddenly TFoTB was lecturing his son on patriotism and having some pride in his country ("Have you no loyalty TBoTB? No child of mine will turn his back on his country!") It was funny and pretty entertaining.

After TFoTB's call ended he finished the game with us making some pretty hysterical and choice remarks about the [inbred, islander] English. Everytime TBoTB made a remark against the States the Father said, "TBoTB you're being a nerd. And a nerd is a bad thing to be." And, "If you're going to cheer for England you can go to bed." I was glad that TFoTB was there to shout at the TV with me and share my excitement and we had a great discussion about American pride. Nothing brings out my patriotism more than competition (cut to me arguing with an 8 year old during the Olympics) or other people who are proud of America (not gun-slingin' down home people, but people who like America for what it represents, despite some obvious shortcomings).

Today was The Boy's first communion and one of his aunt's was here with her American boyfriend. We had only met once before but discussing the tie (better than a loss alright?!) our national pride definitely shone through and has yet to stop.


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  1. Funny that TFoTB said that about the England team because M&I were obviously rooting for them and told me that the USA team was nothing but a bunch of Latin American immigrants. Their insulting and oftentimes offensive comments never cease to amaze me.