Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day Dad!

And now I'm going to complain about you.

Both of my parents' children live far away. Not in the "a couple of hour drive far" but crossing oceans and continents sort of far. For most of my friends, this has turned their parents into the exceedingly needy sort who thrive on calls and desire to be in constant communication. This, however, is not the case with my parents. Perhaps it's all the time (and by time I mean money) that they've saved now that we are out of school and the house but they don't seem too phased by their lack of children. Now it's not to say that they don't want to talk to us, but I guess they have lives (ugh) of their own so their number one priority can't be sitting next to the computer waiting for our Skype names to appear.

Instead, I have become increasingly needy. I'm oftentimes the one who will text my dad (by the way, dad please read your text from yesterday) or send my mom an e-mail about some inane subject. The worst though is when I try to call. A couple days before Mother's Day I was talking with my mom, as we were saying goodbye it went something like this:
My Mom: Well, I'll talk to you next week sometime!
Me: Umm, I'll call you tomorrow. It's Mother's Day.
My Mom: Yeah, if you think of it.

The most frequent are the voice mails I will leave in succession on their various answering machines:

House Machine:...Beep!... Hi mom & dad it's me. You know, you're daughter Jill. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi. Wondering where you guys were. Don't worry, I'll just try your phones. Love you! Bye!

30 Seconds later (hint of desperation in my voice)

My mom's voicemail:...Beep!... Hi mom. Me again. I left a message at the house but I thought I'd try to catch you on your phone. Maybe you're on a bike ride or at the pool. Anyway I'll try calling back later. Love you! Bye!

30 Seconds later (with an increasing amount of desperation in my voice)

My dad's voicemail (although it is his secretary that says his name on the automatic message which never fails to amuse me):...Beep!... Hi dad! Just calling to see where you and mom were. But you're probably out fishing right now. Well I left a message at home, and I'll try calling later too. Love you! Bye!

Two days later I finally catch them on the phone. Sad but the all too often story.

I know my parents are camping this weekend (and the fact that it is early morning at home) so I will not start my calls until later this afternoon, I hope they answer because I've got some great, great news to share with them. (To be shared with you all in the near future!)

Happy Father's Day!

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