Sunday, June 27, 2010

Do I Know You From Somewhere?

I have this uncanny ability to often be in the right place at the right time. And if it isn't the right place at the right time it's the right place at a very awkward/mildly humiliating (in a good for a funny story at a later date) time. I have accidentally run into people time and again, or had odd connections with people I've only just met (hello Allison!).

Lately it seems as if this has been happening more and more often. A couple months ago I ran into a friend I hadn't seen since the summer before. One thing led to another and this run-in has resulted in my Super Great News (of which I'm still nervous to say officially but I tell to pretty much everyone--e-mail me if you can't wait for it to come out here!).

Last August I met this kid who hailed from Minnesota but had since relocated to Arizon and then Switzerland. Having spent the better part of the evening being annoyed by him, my friend and I sort of kind of left him at the bar to go hang out with an adorable French man. (I mean would you rather listen to his squeaky, annoying voice or try out your horrid French with a not-so-horrid man who thinks it is endearing? I mean really.) He sent me a couple of text messages later in the year about coming to parties with me (he didn't seem to be a self starter) which I will admit I, rudely, didn't answer. Flash forward to Mother's Day, Kristina and I decided to treat ourselves to brunch in honor of our mother's. During the course of our meal another couple came and sat next to us (the tables were picnic bench style) and were speaking English. I didn't really take note of it until I heard the voice and the stupid conversation. The guy was wearing sunglasses (a tool-y Gucci pair) but I then realized that it had been this kid from August. Of all the places in all of Zürich, of course he sits down next to us! I don't know if he noticed me but it was pretty amusing. And then last night I was with a bunch of Americans at this museum in Zürich to watch the [sad] USA game and when the US scored I was running around (like a maniac) giving high-fives to everyone and anyone. Mid-high five I realized that it was this guy, again. I quickly retreated to my table after that.

Two Saturdays ago I was out for drinks with my friend and we ran into another friend and this beautiful guy that she is seeing. He was one of those guys who you can't quite look directly at for fear of your eyes burning. He's that beautiful. Well the next day after I had just left Kristina I decided I was about to die of thirst. As it was raining I zipped my hood up. So I'm standing on this street corner chugging (it was even less lady-like than the word "chugging" implies) water, looking like a nerd with my raincoat zipped to my chin when Mr. Adonis rounds the corner and we nearly smack into one another. I don't think he recognized me but I semi-ran down the street and couldn't believe my timing.

I think the craziest run-in that's happened to me though happened last night. We arrived early at the museum to grab a table and make our USA fan-base. The place was still pretty empty when right in front of me I see a girl I studied abroad in Vienna with nearly three years ago. Crazy! I looked at her and said, "Holy crap! What are you doing here!?" She was there on a business trip and one of our mutual friends from Vienna said she had "Facebook stalked" (probably a verb now) me and knew that I was here and told this girl that she might run into me. Bizarre.
Kristen & I in Vienna 2007

I always talk about what a small place Zürich is and it's true. Although I think the rate in which I run into people is pretty high. I wonder who I'll run into next.

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  1. YEAH!!!! I knew I read your blog for a reason! Love it! Our anniversary is so soon Jill! I can't believe I have only known you for one year! Seems like forever! Can't wait til you come home so we can play and you can meet my lovely :-)