Friday, May 7, 2010

When It Rains...

So the Parents have both been traveling the last couple of weeks and so I've had "a lot more to do." (A lot more for my job, not yours Allie/Kristen.) They have paid me more AND given me more time off. Monday I got my second official afternoon off (which resulted in lots of weisse beers with Kristina and some Thai food) and tonight the Father asked the girl if she wanted a ride to school. She said absolutely and he told me I could HAVE THE MORNING OFF. This has NEVER happened to me. Since July. Of course tonight when I got home (from more weisse beers with Kristina and co.) I made her snack and got everything ready for tomorrow morning so all he would have to do is give Girl breakfast and get her dressed (I've already picked out her clothes for tomorrow, packed her bag and made her snack for school). [Note: Boy has been gone all week for a school trip=awesome!]

It is odd because I was feeling so taken advantage of right before Christmas and they didn't pay me extra nor really thank me for all the hell I was in, but these past two weeks the Parents have been incredibly appreciative. Weird, but I'm happy for this change of pace.

Also exciting travel plans coming up! More soon!


  1. Kristina's father posted this comment 3/21/2010

    Hi hon. I am at work and suppose to be working but I got caught-up on catching-up on your blog, great stuff and very creative. Keep up the good work and i will keep-up more often.
    I hope you are printing your pages off and keeping them as a diary, you will be so thankful one day you did. Your children will get a great lick out of reading this someday, especially about the bithcontrol part !
    Keep it up hon.
    Well, back to work.
    i love you more, Dad.

    Great advice, about keeping a diary.-JC

    P.S. Your father is right, the quote is Art Linkletter's

  2. did you just give us a cliffhanger on your blog?? looking forward to hearing about the travel plans! at which point i will become even more jealous than i currently am...