Thursday, May 27, 2010

Walk the Walk

Last Monday I was with TB and everything was pretty average until she stood up and walked over to me. Now most people when they see a baby take his/her first steps think, "Wow! This is incredible!" I thought, "Oh, crap." See I was the only person around. TFoTB had just left for a business trip to California and TMoTB was out. I just saw the baby take her first steps. I thought about it and decided that I couldn't tell TMoTB. She would be heartbroken to have missed her daughter's first steps alone.

Friday I was chatting with TMoTB whilst she was in the kitchen and TB and I played in her room. TB started to walk again and I was nervous for TMoTB to see so I said, "Wow! TMoTB she's almost ready to walk!" TMoTB agreed and said, "Yeah! She's almost there." Damnit, so TB hadn't walked for her yet. Later on when she returned TB walked in front of the doorway where her mother was. I said, "TMoTB! TB's walking!" TMoTB's reaction? "Oh that's great! Good for her." I should have known, TMoTB is too cool to get mad about missing that!

When I saw TFoTB on Monday he said, "It's incredible! I left Friday and now she's walking all over the place!" I didn't tell him she'd been practicing since Monday.

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