Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Uno de Baby

Some of you might be wondering why my title is "Uno de Baby" instead of Cinco de Mayo but today, my friends, is TB's first birthday.

TB and I have had a pretty good relationship for the past eight months. I realized the other day that the longest I've heard her cry cannot be longer than 30 seconds, both Boy and Girl cry, on average, more than 30 seconds per day. She rarely cries (at least with me) and if I ever have children I hope they have similar dispositions. TB is also very much a ham (wonder where she got that quality?). She rarely growls when we're in the company of my friends and she has yet to perform her cell phone trick. What, you might wonder, is the cell phone trick? Well the other day I was changing TB's diaper (woof) and gave her a toy cell phone to play with so she doesn't wiggle off the table. When you squeeze the phone it rings and all of a sudden she takes the phone and brings it to her ear. Like a real phone. The baby, who cannot talk or fully walk, knows how to answer a phone!!! I definitely think she learned that little habit from me.

There are three things that my friends say when they meet TB. In order they go:
1. Yeah, you're right. She isn't that cute...
2. Wow Jill, she really looks like you! (So let me get this straight, you don't think she's cute and she looks like me. Meaning you don't think I'm cute?!)
3. (This one happens after they've spent some time with her and I think it's after they've seen what a good baby she is.) You know what, she is cute!

Yesterday though, I got evidence of TB hamming it up, growling and using her cell phone.


  1. I think she is CUTE! She loves me most and is probably upset I am gone.

  2. The funny thing is, I was the one calling her on that cell phone. I aws hoping to set up a play date.