Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Tale of Two Bathrooms

One thing that really sucks about my particular au pairing position is that I don't have a private bathroom. I share a full bathroom with the kids on the second floor but I usually brush my teeth and use the facilities in the bathroom on the first floor. I keep all my stuff in a little box in the corner so as to not be obvious as it is still a guest bathroom, but I like to pretend it is mine. The kids will use it on occasion but it is rarely occupied.

This is where the story gets gross. I went upstairs to pee and brush (don't forget floss!) my teeth and The Father was still up. Whenever one of the Parents is still up I always go through the internal dilemma: go upstairs (where I also keep floss and a toothbrush) or just use "my" bathroom--something about my employer hearing me pee just doesn't sit right. I decided to go for it and use the first floor bathroom. Mistake. I walked in and it had clearly just been occupied. And the previous occupant had left shall we say, a distinct smell there. Now poo smell is gross. (Sorry Howie.) And some one else's poo is even more gross. (Sorry again Howie.) And that that some one else who just happens to be your boss' poo is even more gross. But, the worst part about it is that The Father was sitting there so we both knew what I was getting in to. I walked in, tried not to gag and then realized I was stuck. I could either run screaming out of there, walk out and calmly go upstairs to use the facilities, or go through my nightly routine whilst holding my breath. I chose the latter because I'm too awkward for anything else.

How is one supposed to handle herself in that situation?! Yuck.


  1. Story of my life. My boss, bathroom by the kitchen, in the morning, right before we eat breakfast. Don't forget the little fact that he usually takes a cup of coffee with him to help "move things along."Grooooooooooss.

  2. Violent KateMay 25, 2010

    OH MY GOD, Kristina, I was just coming in to say that! Oh, how I know. I used to make Rapunzel go in there and get her toothbrush and toothpaste, and brush her teeth at the dining room table. REALLY?! There are two other bathrooms that are NOT practically *in* the kitchen, and NOT where people are trying to start their day. EW.