Sunday, May 2, 2010

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu

Tomorrow my friend Kristen leaves. And as happy as I am for her to be returning to our motherland, selfishly, I'm sad she's going. You may remember Kristen from stories about: Zermatt & the Matterhorn, Oktoberfest, going to Liechtenstein on a whim or just spending weekends at her apartment.

Kristen has been a Semi-Swiss reader since the start of our friendship and she has always been encouraging of my fledgling blogging skills and is pushing me to write a book on my year--partly so she can garner the fame from being a character in what is sure to be a best-seller, kidding! (She also wanted me to a commit a crime so she could hide me in her apartment and publish my writings from an undisclosed location, then I'd get caught and gain even more fame whilst I am serving my time--hoping that dream dies since she leaves the country tomorrow.) So thanks for reading!

Kristen and I also overcame an obstacle that a lot of friendships don't face: traveling. Traveling with some one is difficult. Traveling well with some one is even harder. Traveling well and remaining friends is a serious challenge. Kristen and I met at the au pair meeting one Wednesday and solidified our friendship that afternoon: she knew where the Patagonia store was in Z├╝rich and I knew where The North Face store was. And thus a friendship was born. That weekend we went to Zermatt together and on the train there I realized that I had been missing girls when I traveled. We also are compatible when we travel: we both know when it's time to eat and more importantly drink, when it is time to sight see and when it is time to sit, relax and enjoy your surroundings. We know when it's time to shop and when it is appropriate to take photos (okay well she hasn't really learned that skill yet--while I, on the other hand, never take pictures). Kristen also, cannot read a map. Which one would think would be a bad trait, however it plays into my bossy, controlling nature (Uncles J, J & J wonder where I got that habit?) so being able to take control of the situation worked well for both of us.

I'll definitely miss you Kristen and let me impart some words of wisdom on you (different from the ones you told Wyatt this afternoon though): Don't mix Benadryl and alcohol. Travel safe.


  1. When you refer to (Uncles J, J & J) which J am I? Hope I'm the first J!

    Anonymous is now making grammer corrections when I comment on your blog. See what you have to look forward to.( Gotta love him ) -JC

  2. I love you!!!!!