Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Potty Un-Trained

Today I was planning to write a funny-ish TB story.

Then I had French class and I planned to write the funny things that happened there.

But then, this afternoon, Boy was supposed to take the bus home per usual (Girl was at swim lessons with my French teacher and her butt-monkey son). I looked at the clock at 3:55 and wondered where the bus was (also wondered why it couldn't have been ten minutes late last Friday). I was sitting on the patio so I went around the corner to where the front door was, prepared to walk to the mailbox/street and look for Boy. I saw Boy, standing in front of a potted plant by the front door. He was standing sideways-ish with a yellow stream coming from the front of his pants.

Boy (current age: 9) was PEEING on the front lawn. In broad daylight. I'd like to say that he was of sound mind and body but this is Boy we're talking about--I'm never sure. PEEING. I asked him what the heck he thought he was doing, made him stop mid-flow (yeah sorry if it's "tough" it wouldn't have been so tough had you opened the unlocked front door and went to the bathroom that is literally right there) and finish in the bathroom. He said he couldn't hold it. I told him he was not a dog and that it was socially and behaviorally unacceptable to urinate on the front lawn.

Learns something new everyday that boy.

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