Thursday, May 13, 2010

Occupational Hazards

Like many jobs, being an indentured servant (I mean au pair) has its occupational hazards. There's a chance you might set your hair ablaze and run screaming from the house just to get away from the perils that lie within (let's just forget about the time I set my hair on fire on accident). You could burn yourself on the iron from hell or the oven. You will most likely be subjected to lice and other small, disgusting parasites. You will have your ears attacked by obnoxious songs and/or, my personal torture, "Jack & Annie." The books are interesting stories about history but on tape, they make me want to attack the iPod. The author, Mary Pope Osbourne, reads them and her voice and the voices she does for Jack and Annie make me long for the days of High School Musical once more. Perhaps the biggest occupational hazard though, is sickness. You are constantly subjected to the germs of these kids, and if they are like mine and go to school all day, the germs of hundreds of other children. Last week The Mother and Father were both gone a lot so it was mostly Girl and I hanging about (Boy was also gone). Girl was a bit under the weather but that didn't stop her from a.) wiping her nose on my person, b.) trying to LICK me (and yet, she's still my favorite) c.) constant touching and/or climbing on me. Thanks to G, I am now under the weather and not too happy about it. My flu-like symptoms are going to have to go by tomorrow morning so I can enjoy my weekend in Denmark. For now, I'll just be raiding the medicine drawers and hoping to use my rudimentary German and French skills to figure out and ingest as much medicine as possible! Glad I already knew the French word for flu: La Grippe. Why must the French make everything sound better when it is just the lousy old flu?

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