Monday, May 31, 2010

In Memory

All day I've been sad about my family's sad, unexpected loss this past weekend. I called my Aunt Gina this evening to cry with her (and to her) about how sad I am for her, my grandmother, my mom and my family. My Aunt Gina is an incredible woman and talking with her about my uncle helped me gain some perspective on my current situation.

I've been slipping down the "sneaky hate spiral" (towards self implosion) the past couple weeks. I've started the countdown (65 days left living here, 34 working days!) and although I feel bad about wishing my time away I know once I'm gone I'll miss Switzerland, not necessarily this job. My Aunt Gina said something that stuck though, "Your Uncle Kenny never quit anything he did. He followed everything through, even if it was in his own way, he wasn't a quitter." So for the next 65 days I won't be a quitter (I'll daydream about all the situations in which I would love to yell "I quit!"--which wouldn't be nearly as satisfying because then I'd have to go downstairs and pack all my stuff and then drag it to the bus and train...). I'll try to regain my positive mental attitude if only for my uncle, Gina also said he loved my blog.

Thanks for reading Uncle Kenny. Lots of Semi-Swiss love.

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