Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Yesterday my French teacher gave me a worksheet with nine verbs that I had to conjugate in different tenses. She mostly teaches children so often she'll use those tactics with me like drawing smiley faces when everything is correct or putting a sticker on my worksheet. She said if I conjugated all the verbs in all the tenses correctly, I'd get a treat. I'm sure that this would have been a great motivator for me if I were nine but for me, the biggest motivation is, you know, learning French. Having successfully conjugated all the verbs (fist pump) she said, "Wait, you are 18, right?" I figured it had something to do with my youthful glow and promptly forgot about it.

At the end of the lesson she went to the kitchen and brought back my treat. When I've been rewarded in the past it has usually been a candy of some sort (once, Iced Tea, it was a ChupaChup!). This time, she brought back a bottle of Pastisse, a French alcohol. My teacher rewarded my learning with booze. I swear if my Chemistry professor had done that in college my grades would have been significantly higher...

Also, on the way home she was telling me a story about something Girl said in the car the other day. They were taking another boy home and Girl looked at him and said, "My mommy's going to have a baby. She and my dad spent three whole days in the shower making it." (Insert oh dear god.) When my teacher told The Mother she laughed and then said, "Oh god! Is that what she's telling everyone at school?"


  1. Three whole days in the SHOWER!!! Even kids associate the shower with (it), Kids say the darnedest things. She must be a little jerk.

    Speaking of kids say the darnedest things, Art Linkletter died. Every news cast started off with HIS famous quote. Your father is always right.-JC