Sunday, May 9, 2010

Catch Phrase

Today is Mother's Day (Mutter Tag here) and I know I always wax poetic on how wonderful my mother is--and she really is--but today, I'm heading in another direction.

When I was a kid I thought that everything my family did was the norm, I didn't know that macaroni and cheese wasn't made with cottage cheese until the 3rd grade. It was a big shock at the time, I promise. Most families have their own inside jokes (busted like a cheese biscuit or busted like a fromaggio biscotti when we're in Europe, death marching, bloody stumps, Griswald to name a few) and mine is no different. I realized the other day just how many catch phrases my parents' use and how many of them I have adopted. I didn't even realize I was using them until I would start to say them and Boy and Girl would finish my sentence for me.

Parental Unit (another saying) Quotable Quotes:
From Meine Mutter:
  • "Let's go, let's go, let's really go!" (Sung more often than spoken.)
  • Nicknames like Doobie, Monkey doodle (both of which I have given to Boy and Girl)
  • "You'll be great, you'll be swell!" (The show tune she used to sing to me before big days at school which was horribly embarrassing and I now sing to my kids.)
  • "Third times' a charm!"
  • My mother often breaks out into song and/or makes up new lyrics to songs on the radio when she doesn't remember them.
  • "Mean green bean"
From my Father:
  • "Put your napkin on your lapkin."
  • "If you're not early, you're late."
  • "Hey, I don't make the rules, I just follow them." (I am following The Mother and Father's instructions whilst he was most likely following my mom's or just making them up as he went along.)
  • "My brains are dusty." (Applies only post-sneeze.)
  • "You've got wild baby hair." (What my family calls bed-head.)
  • "Butt monkey." (To which my kids said, "That's a bad word!")
  • "Ready for inspection?" (This was during my room cleaning but now I do it with their teeth brushing.)
  • "You'll be eligible..." (Eligibility for things was a big part of my childhood.)
There are a few phrases that I haven't started to say yet:
My mother's biggest insult: "You turkey!"
Or these other gems from my dad: "Saddle up and ride, muchachos," "Buddy Lee, man of action," "Report back" (I was either reporting back, getting ready for inspection or trying to be eligible for something during my childhood, and no, my dad is not Captain von Trapp) and I was often "Narda" apparently an old magicians assistant, every time I assisted him I was "Narda-ing."

So to my mother: Happy Mother's Day! I love you mom, je t'aime beaucoup.

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