Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Can You Cope[enhagen]?

I bought my tickets to Milan this weekend (it's going to be 80 and sunny. I need that!) AND I have to take a longer route home (40 minutes longer) which I bought because it allowed me to use my card that gets me home for free (making the trip much cheaper). Have I learned NOTHING from my last blog post? Apparently so.

Alright, back to Copenhagen.
I arrived Friday at noon and met up with my friend Chris (remember the American football player from this past summer and Oktoberfest?). Naturally, we had no place to stay yet so that was our first order of business. We walked up and down the Stroget (main shopping street) but the places we encountered were way, way out of our price range. I had written down the name of a place so we took the metro and tried to find it. After finally obtaining
a room (and let's say the word room was generous, I'd call it jail cell) we set out to find dinner and sample some Danish beer. We sampled a lot of beer from numerous bars (you know, to get an accurate representation), explored gray Copenhagen and had a blast catching up. (Chris is now playing American football again in Stockholm and just spent the previous months in Australia. Kid has a rough life, I know.) After a pit-stop at the Hotel EuroGlobe we headed back out to meet up with some friendly CouchSurfers. We spent a fun evening out with them (even if the club we ended up at was definitely a 18+ kind of place...).

Saturday promised low 60s and sunny skies. Well the temperature was definitely low and the skies were rainy and overcast. We headed into the city center for some sightseeing, had lunch by a canal and mostly froze on our expedition. I had to see some of the city (although heading back and doing dramatic readings from Chris' ridiculous book again would have been entertaining) so we decided the best plan of attack would be a boat tour around. The tour was fine until we got to the famous Little Mermaid statue. And by statue I mean billboard. The statue, for the first time in its history, is not in Copenhagen (Griswald!
). It is in Shanghai. No joke. Halfway through our boat tour we began to see who could draw a better animal in 10 seconds or less. I guess rainy weather is conducive to my lack of attention span. After more touring we called it a [very very cold] day and headed back where I stood in the shower for approximately 20 minutes just to warm up again. We rallied for the evening and met up with one of the guys from the night before who made us go to a mambo club. Not even kidding. My lack of rhythm was readily apparent but if you can't laugh at yourself...

Sunday was spent touring a bit more, dodging the rain and then traveling cross countries to make it home. I think I would have liked Copenhagen a bit more had the weather been better but I still had a blast.

Next stop: Milan (part 4!)


  1. 20 minute shower to warm that what the kids call it these days??? hehehee

  2. Kristen, not very nice, Jill's family reads this. But yeah, thats what we called it in the old days. Some things never change.-JC

  3. You guys are gross!!! Chris napped, I chattered in the shower. Big jerk!