Friday, May 28, 2010

Big Brother

The Swiss are very organized, regimented and rule-abiding. This oft makes for dull citizens but a very organized country. Each little town/village has a "Gemeinde" which in every other place would be considered oppressive and sort of paranoid (think McCarthy-esque). When you arrive in Switzerland for an extended period of time you must register (within eight days of your arrival) bringing with you all this paperwork and information. They already know where you live and have sent you mail reminding you to register within eight days or you will be deported. Then you have three months to show them proof of your Swiss health insurance (which they will remind you of and threaten to deport you if you don't). You have to de-register when you leave and they pretty much know what you're doing at all times. My friend quit her au pairing job AND switched apartments but the Gemeinde still found her. Every time I receive a piece of paper from them my heart starts to pound and I break into a cold sweat. Of course I cannot read anything it says (nor can The Mother or Father) so it only leads to more anxiety. Don't even get me started on when I have to go there myself!

Another weird Big Brother-y thing happened yesterday. Those of you who are familiar with Facebook will know that it often "suggests" friends on the side of people you might know. Usually they have been people I went to Denison with and who I share numerous mutual "friends." I usually ignore it but one of the "suggestions" made me pause, it was my mom's best friend my Auntie Leila(x3). I thought it was pretty nuts because she and I had zero friends in common, so somehow Facebook knew that I knew her? Talk about Big Brother! But, as always, I'm happy to see/hear from Leila, but it just makes me wonder what else does Facebook know?!

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Santa only knows if you've been naughty or nice, facebook knows everything!-JC

  2. PS Did I use (you've) correctly? I never know when my big brother is watching.-JC

  3. Yes you did. You've=You have. And you're correct, Facebook apparently does know everything!