Monday, May 24, 2010

And One More Thing...

And one more irksome thing, before I end the self-pitying tirade that I've been on. (Promise to have a better attitude this week.)

Friday The Father says, "Do you have to work Monday? The kids don't have school and I'm not sure if The Mother or I have to work." (I know The Mother has it off because one of my friend's employers works for the same place and she has it off but the calendars didn't say anything about the kids not having school.) I said I wasn't told anything so I bought my ticket to come back Sunday. The Mother is usually on top of this stuff and I hadn't seen her since Wednesday morning so I was out of the loop.

Saturday I get a text message from her that says, "Hi! I don't know if you know but Monday is a bank holiday. We are both at home so you don't have to work... you can stay an extra day in Milan if you want/can! Have a good week-end. The Mother" When I read this I literally yelled in disbelief a few choice words combined with "Are you kidding me?!?!?" I have wanted to go to Istanbul since my junior year of college and one of my friends Pei Wen (with a great blog! Check it out on the side) was heading there this weekend but coming back too late Monday morning so I would have had to miss work so I couldn't go. Kristina and Danielle both had the day off so they headed Sunday to Cinque Terre (a little ways from Milan) and just about my most favorite place on earth. But my ticket was for Sunday (and I'm trying to do this whole "responsible with my money thing" so I didn't go because I would have had to get a new ticket home).

As I was regaling my friends about the perils of The Family they all voiced a similar opinion: That The Family has absolutely no regard for my time. My time is of very little consequence to them, unless it inconveniences them.

But, on the bright side, I did send a suitcase full of winter clothes to Gabri to be brought to the States and then brought to Minnesota when Ellen comes in August! Thank you Gabri and Ellen I CANNOT wait to see you!!!!

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