Friday, April 23, 2010

What's in a Name?

Last week I had lunch with my married friend (I pretty much only have the one) who is also pregnant. (Also only a year older than me--it's weird that we can be so close in age, and enjoy one another's company whilst being in two completely different life phases.) After lunch we went to the English bookstore so I could get T.B.'s Baptism gift. We sat down and started looking up baby names and their meanings (she's looking at pretty names like Ava while I suggested the funny like Gert, Mavis and Myrtle). Naturally I looked up my family's name (apparently it is a Swedish boys' name) and it means "outdoorsy," which is very fitting for my parents. Though my parents hadn't really planned on naming me Jill people always tell me that Jill fits me. I had a lacrosse coach who told me, "You even look like a Jill. You couldn't have any other name." Apparently Jill means "energetic & youthful" so I guess that's a pretty accurate description.

Some of the other names ranged from pretty to borderline crazy. I think the worst we saw was "Crispy." I kid you not, the name "Crispy" was there. Under the origin it said "invented"--if anyone has named their child Crispy, please, please let me know.

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  1. I (unfortuantly) don't know anyone named crispy..

    Although I did take drivers ed with a fellow named Pudding.

    True story. It was legit on all of his identification...and his only explanation was a shrug and to say " dad REALLY likes pudding...oh...and he smokes a lot of pot"