Monday, April 12, 2010

Sentimental Guy

I will get to the rest of Spain and Portugal at some point. I hope...

But in the meantime:

I'm not very sentimental. Emotional yes, sentimental, not particularly. Mushy crud makes me feel awkward and uncomfortable (most of my friends are acutely aware to my aversion/allergy to public displays of affection) and I usually don't like it. (Except when you're parents are supposed to write all sorts of lovely things about you to your sorority but instead write that your childhood nickname of "Pinky" was actually from a Baltimore-based stripper... Now that I'm removed from the situation [re: I was really mad at the time] I can laugh, because it's really funny, and it proves that my parents really do know me and my aversion to all things gushy.) The other night however I was playing with Girl and I thought, "Will she remember me?" Sure I remember stuff from when I was in kindergarten but will she remember the times we danced around the kitchen to ABBA/Michael Jackson with wooden spoons as our microphones? Will she remember all the funny things she did? Or I did? It's weird to think about, that we are such a large part of each other's life for an entire year and then poof! it's all gone. And, what if she likes the next au pair more than me? (By the way, I've G-chatted with the next au pair and I like her a lot more than the last one who scared me!)

So in this sentimental, Billie Jean-singing, kitchen dancing mood I asked her, "G, will you miss me? And what if you like the new au pair more than me?" Her response? "I miss you all the times when you're not here Jill! [Note: This is true. She got home from a friends' house today and said "Bonjour maman." But when she saw me she ran up the stairs and tried to jump into my arms shouting, "JiiiiiiiilllL!"] "And, I will never like another au pair more than you." And then do you know what she did, it should be noted that I was carrying her at the time, just when it was getting a little overly sentimental?

She farted.

Man, I'm going to miss Girl.

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  1. Kate, haver of violent impulsesApril 14, 2010

    Oh Jill, Jill, Jill. Tell me about it! My Jani was too little, and all his memories of me will have been replaced by ones with Kristina, and it kind of kills me a little bit. Kristina is clearly kickass, but I know that by the time she leaves- or hell, even now- he will not have any idea who the hell I was. I will always, always love that little boy- from the depths of my crusty old heart, for the rest of forever, and he probably doesn't remember my face now. I know how you feel!

    Shortly before I left we were walking outside and I told him, "Jani, you know, I will have to leave soon..." and he said, "Yes, Kate. Denn bin ich traurig," and he turned his head and kissed my leg. AW! Too bad the only one old enough to remember me even a little is Nappy Hair McGee. UGH.

    Take lots of pictures of your kids!!