Friday, April 9, 2010

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Spain (Part 1 of a Few)

The Itinerary:
Saturday: Fly from Basel to Madrid, take bus (cheaper) from Madrid to Granada
Sunday: All day in Granada, train in the evening to Càdiz
Monday: Càdiz
Tuesday: Supposed to stay in Càdiz all day (but unfortunately the weather and the company at our "hostel" were sub par so we left earlier). And then head in the evening to Madrid, instead we left in the morning and went to Seville for the afternoon and then bussed to Madrid
Wednesday: Kristina leaves, Jill in Madrid
Thursday: Gill (a Denison friend, I saw her back in November in Geneva) arrives and we take the night train to Lisbon, Portugal
Friday: Arrive in Lagos, Portugal
Saturday: Lagos
Sunday: (Early!!!) Bus back to Cordoba where Gill lives
Monday: Catch flight back to Basel in the morning, train to Zürich

So already this was a lot of traveling, Kristina and I thought, we'd be saving money going through Madrid since it was cheaper than flying directly to the south of Spain. Unfortunately trains are incredibly expensive (except my overnight train from Madrid to Portugal--go figure) in Spain so we took more buses which resulted in our seeing a lot of Spain via bus.

I did a lot of circles around southern Spain, but like the saying goes, "Hindsight is 20/20." If I had thought my trip through more I would have gone from Càdiz to Lagos and saved some time, money and breath (literally that kid in Madrid smelled something terrible) but coulda, woulda shoulda. On the whole I really enjoyed my trip. Kristina was about as fabulous a travel-buddy as I could have asked for. We have similar interests, tastes, travel styles (meaning we like to see the sights but we know when it is time to call it a day and have a beer and some tapas) and perhaps most importantly for this trip: the same sense of humor. More on that to come...

Also Kristina blogs too! It is well written and a good read (plus she has already outlined the days we traveled together on her blog so if you are feeling impatient you can read up on our trip there): Click here to read her blog!

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