Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's a Small World After All

Saturday was a really great day and here's why:

I woke up, ran, showered (a big feat for a Saturday morning), dressed like a human and had two French women tell me I looked chic and went to TB's baptism. When we arrived at the church I realized what a small party it was and I felt really flattered to have been invited. I suppose I do spend the most time with TB outside of her immediate family on a regular basis, but it was still a thoughtful gesture. I walked in the TFoTB greeted me with a hug and the three-kiss Swiss greeting (which was awkward seeing as how we don't touch regularly and I assumed with most of the non-American guests being of French origin that it would be two kisses, resulting in an awkward head-dodging third). Despite the initial awkwardness the ceremony was really nice in German, French and English. I said my "wish" for TB (and was later told that it was everyone's favorite--booyah!) and the brevity of the service added to the pleasant factor. Halfway through The Mother leans over and whispers "I think the priest is wearing a toupée." Thankfully TMoTB had already pre-warned me of the bad hair stylings so I had been carefully studying it throughout the proceedings.

After the ceremony we all went back to the house of TB and had a luncheon/party. Bottles of Veuve Cliquot were flowing (mostly into my glass becuase as TFoTB said, "You're not working today! You're here to enjoy yourself!") and the Lebanese food was delicious. The God-parents of TB had flown in from Washington, D.C. and had brought their college-aged daughter who was studying abroad in Paris for the semester. Long story short: the daughter went to a rival high school of mine in D.C., her father went to the same law school as my dad, I found out that TFoTB went to the same graduate school as my mom AND that they God-father's best friend and his wife are both professors at Denison. That's a small world.

After the party I came home to chat with the new au pair via Skype--she was really great and easy to talk to (there is some visa drama at the moment, I'll keep you posted) so I hope she is able to come! The Mother said it was really cute how TB kept trying to come to me and wanting me to play with her. Both Girl and TB seemed to be fighting for my attention (if only cute, available men did the same).

I changed from my chic clothes (just had to add that again for emphasis) and headed into Zürich where a bunch of au pairs were having a cookout. If there is a more winning combination than sunshine, beer and hot dogs I don't even want to know about it. A beautiful evening on the lake with a lot of fun people. At one point, during a soccer game, I saw a boy on the opposition wearing a Moosejaw sweatshirt. Now my friend Jess (miss you!) had one in every color of the rainbow in college so I knew this kid had to be from Michigan. I asked during our halftime break and he said he was from there and when I said I was from Minnesota he informed me that he had lived on Grand Avenue (maybe one of my favorite streets in Minnesota, and not just for the J.Crew) for six years and his wife was a Minnesota native.

I later met his adorable wife and we start chatting about Minnesota. She suddenly looks at me and says, "Wait, do you have a blog?" I affirm this and she asks where I went to school and when I reply Denison she said she had read my blog! A stranger!
(I was definitely smiling to my ears because I felt pretty big-headed at that point.) She mentioned that she had read my posts (even the one about what was in my Longchamp--I think that is the one people remember most) but hadn't seen it in a while. Not only was she pretty, funny and smart but clearly she has excellent taste in blogs (kidding-ish). We had fun chatting all the way from the picnic to the bar about places in Minnesota and life in Switzerland. She said, "I had a feeling I would meet you."

Small world, even smaller country.


  1. i think you have met more people from minnesota in switzerland in the past ten months than i have met in minnesota, dont'cha know.

  2. It's amazing the random people you meet :) I once met a friend of a guy I went to university with...in a random hostel in Venice..haha :)

    More randoms are lurking in the background reading your blog than you know..haha! I'm enjoying reading your stories :)

  3. I'm blushing for making it into your text. I swear you beefed up the praises for you knew I'd read it!

    Hope to catch you again...it is golden bliss time of brats, beer and sunshine. See you at the lake.


    Anonymous indulging reader :)