Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Many people would have you believe the Christmas season is "the most wonderful time of the year," but I would absolutely disagree. The most wonderful time of the year has finally arrived, and though it doesn't have a definite name (I wouldn't describe it as spring because spring, for some, is only an idea--trust me, I've spent a couple "springs" in Minnesota and there wasn't anything spring-y about them!) there are two defining characteristics for this time of year:

1. You start to hear the lovely sound of footwear going flip-flop (that will persist all they way until September).

2. (This mostly applies to make-up wearers) You don't have any need to wear bronzer. (Note: Bronzer is what girls wear on their face so as not to appear like Casper.) Both The Mother and my French teacher told me today that I have a lot of color on my make-up less face!

Gill & I in Portugal showing off our bronzer-less faces.

The unfortunate thing about the warmer climate is my location. Unless it is July and nearing 90 degrees the Swiss will be bundled up. They cast judging stares at your bare legs, short sleeves and sometimes, your sunny disposition (just kidding about that last one!). Sure it was in the 70s today but once that elderly lady saw my shorts-clad self she shook her head like I was a lunatic. I was even sweating! Thankfully though, I do not live with a Swiss family and my kids wear shorts and sandals during the appropriate weather. My friend Kristina however, is not so fortunate. I was friends with their previous au pair and she used to tell me stories about that mother chastising her for wearing flip-flops in September when it was still hot out afraid she would catch a cold. Whenever Kristina wants to wear something seasonally appropriate she either has to layer over it, escape when no one is looking or undergo outfit scrutiny and then a lecture about how her bare legs will probably be the cause of her catching pneumonia and then lead to her ultimate demise (well they haven't gone that far yet, but I wouldn't be surprised).
Kristina & I playing in a fountain in Spain--she'd be in big trouble if her employer saw this!

Glad I, at least, have the choice to wear what I like from my [still-organized!] closet. Off to bask in the sun's warm rays in my shorts!

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