Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm With Stupid

I have done a lot of really, really stupid things in my 23 years. I've cut my own hair (repeatedly), I've had a party when my parents were out of town (sorry about that), I've accidentally cut/scraped/tripped/hurt myself on numerous occasions, I am terribly clumsy (Kristen/Danielle you especially know what I'm talking about) but most of the stupid stuff I've done has been the result of a dare. In kindergarten my friend's cousin told me the phone wasn't plugged in and then dared me to call 911. Well that Mickey Mouse phone was plugged in and I was nervous/embarrassed when they called back (long before the days of called ID) I don't think I saw that girl again until middle school! (And I never saw that cousin again!) A majority of the stupid dares I've done have come from one person, my brother. Usually Jack's dares involve my doing an activity that has some sort of bodily harm involved but there's no one who can egg me on to do stuff than him. Remember when I jumped off the dock in the Outer Banks into the sand and one foot of water (resulting in a semi-sprained ankle)? Or when I ran through our electric fence with the dog's shock collar on? Or the time Jack and I were waiting for our mother once outside of church and he said he didn't think I could jump from the elevated curb to the top of the [closed] dumpster. Sure it looked far away but I wasn't going to lose face in front of him (Note: this event took place within the last 2-3 years). It is, however, a two way street. Jack is susceptible to my dares and taunts. Even in Korea! I dared him to eat a really, really hot pepper and whilst I was still taunting he grabbed the pepper and shoved it into his mouth. But as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words:

Bet these make you proud M&D! Christmas card 2010?

You are probably wondering why you had to read all these anecdotes about when I've done something dumb. You see I was hoping to put it in perspective, that perhaps my latest foray into the realm of stupidity would not be the greatest. Let me explain:

Last night as I was going to bed I wanted to light a candle (you know to keep away the spiders or if they were conversely attracted to the light then perhaps send them to a fire-y death--I'm so loving). It was dark in my room so I brought the match closer to my face to light it. Bringing the match closer to my face also brought the match closer to my hair... Yes, I set my hair on fire. Not a lot of it (thank goodness) but enough to create that "burnt hair smell." I wonder if there's any way to blame this one on Jack too?

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